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October 5, 2021

Ztel joins Partner Wholesale Networks

Ztel joins Partner Wholesale Networks

Ztel, a leading telecommunications & technology solutions provider, has joined the Partner Wholesale Networks partner programme and we're thrilled to welcome them to the team. With PWN, Ztel will be able to offer their Australian customer base the full PWN product suite including; Voice, Data products such as NBN & Fibre Services, Mobile (with Tier 1 carriers such as Telstra & Optus), Internet of Things, Cloud Services and even provide Hardware. Ztel Communications has a wide range of experience in helping business transition their technology. With a focus on customer service and transparent delivery of products and services to customers, it was a natural fit with PWN.

Partner Wholesale Networks are transforming the way technology service providers help their customers, with emerging ICT business models placing less emphasis on ownership of infrastructure and more on positive customer experiences. PWN can help your business by providing simply access to Tier 1 networks and the business opportunities that come with it, without the bounds of traditional telco contracts.

The total addressable market for Enterprise and Business ICT solutions & equipment in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore was $81.1 billion in 2016, and is estimated to increase to $92.30 billion by 2022. PWN is here to help your business grow and capture this market. We understand that every business is unique, which is why we have created a partner programme with three models, Wholesale Partner, Joint Venture & Dealer/Agent. Our rapid, go-to-market approach is suited to people driven to succeed; the program provides on-going support, growth opportunities and access to unique, business and technology solutions, as well as marketing support. We offer a rich and flexible program that fosters a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership.

Since 2007, PWN has launched more than 250+ telcos. All of whom have benefited from our industry expertise and marketplace knowledge. We are the trusted company within the industry to get you fast tracked and selling products and services to your customers. We manage the carrier relationships, so you don't have to. By leveraging our longstanding relationships, PWN can get your telco business up and running quickly and provide access to all the products you need.  

Potential partners should contact Graeme Kelly on 1800 701 138 or visit www.partnerwholesale.com.au for more information. For more information regarding Ztel, please visit their website https://www.ztel.com.au

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