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Wholesale nbn:
PWN provides partners with a national nbn footprint with no capital investment.

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Partner Wholesale Networks offers a complete range of wholesale nbn services to provide your customers with the nbn connectivity options they need. With competitive pricing you can be confident taking your nbn offering to market.

Features & Benefits

Lift Phone Network Migration 

Complete end-to-end communications hardware upgrade. 

Dual Network Connectivity 

4G network technology (Telstra & Optus) for true redundancy. 

Dual Network Connectivity 

Constant monitoring of connectivity. 

Fully Managed 

Partner Wholesale Networks provide and manage the network connectivity on your behalf at no extra cost. 

Avoid Further Costs 

Cancel your existing PSTN / ADSL / NBN Voice line or 3G network that are being made redundant to avoid any further cost. 

  • Easy on-site installation

  • No lock-in proprietary software or hardware

  • Opto-isolated input

  • Fault relay contacts

  • Tested to withstand 5000 volt transients

Frequently asked questions

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“Partner Wholesale delivers a smorgasbord of products at competitive prices, presented on one bill”
Director - Telergie

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