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August 27, 2021

Telco Business Communications joins Partner Wholesale Networks

Telco Business Communications joins Partner Wholesale Networks

Partner Wholesale Networks is proud to announce our newest partner Telco Business Communications

After reviewing several wholesale vendors, Telco Business Communications contacted Partner Wholesale Networks and were comfortable that PWN was the right fit for their business. Signing up Partner Wholesale Networks allowed TBC to bring their own brand to market quickly with some of the best pricing and product selection available in the market. As a start up business, without a brand or web presence, TBC was particularly interested in our PWN MaaS offering allowing them to get a logo and website up and running quickly allowing them to focus on getting their first sales under their new brand rather than trying to find logo designers and website developers.

The PWN Wholesale Partner FFS model fit Telco Business Communications perfectly, allowing them to concentrate on making sales, while PWN takes care of the "back-end"; provisioning, billing, collections and customer service with a full Business Support System.

Telco Business Communications Website by Flirt Group
Telco Business Communications - Logo Design

What is PWN MaaS?

As with other business operations such as customer service, sales management, product management, that have found their way into cloud CRMs, Marketing-as-a-service (MaaS) has emerged as a concept that fills in the gaps for businesses looking for assistance in creating marketing assets like websites, social media management, creation of marketing materials such as brochures as well as developing marketing strategies, campaign creation, and execution.

The concept of MaaS involves creating a blueprint and framework for marketing campaigns and then deploying these unique elements as building blocks for individual campaigns when required. With PWN MaaS you can get your telecommunications business live and selling to customers faster than ever before, with access to responsive websites designed to drive enquiries to your telecommunications business, social media and billing promotional images, brand and logo design as well as a range of marketing materials for specific products, PWN can provide your business with a turnkey solution where all you need to think about is your sales channel.

PWN can get your telco business up and running quickly and provide access to all the products you need.  For more information potential partners should contact Graeme Kelly on 1800 701 138 or visit www.partnerwholesale.com.au.

Telco Business Communications Logo

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