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March 8, 2022

PWN 4G Mobile Data Sharing

PWN 4G Mobile Data Sharing

Partner Wholesale Networks are excited to announce Data Sharing will be available to 4G Mobile customers soon.  Data Sharing gives you the convenience of one account and all the data inclusions of your connected services in one big pool to share. You can connect any combination of eligible mobile SIM and mobile broadband plans.

We will be getting in touch with partners in the coming weeks to let them know which accounts Data Sharing will be enabled on

Benefits of PWN Data Sharing

  • With PWN Data Sharing, your customers don't pay excess data charges, instead slow down your data speed to a max. of 1.5Mbps when you hit your limit.
  • Available for up to 200 services on the same account
  • Need a more data? Return to full data speed when you reach your limit by adding more data or an Unlimited Data Day on eligible plans.
  • Unlimited standard national talk and text on our eligible mobile plans.

Data Sharing will allow a data allowance to be shared automatically between up to 200 Mobile or Mobile Data services on the same account.

If data is running low, your customers will have the option to;

Increase their data allowance.  Once a request to increase the data allowance has been made, the increased data will be added to the shared pool of data almost immediately.  The increased data allowance will be added to the next monthly bill.  Increased pricing will take effect on this next monthly payment date.

Do nothing.  If a customer elects to not increase their shared data allowance, they will not be charged for excess data usage (in Australia).  Once the data allowance pool has been exhausted, Mobile & Mobile Data services will still have access to data at speeds of up 1.5mbps until the allowance resets at the next monthly payment date.

If a customer disconnects or cancels one of the services within the data allowance pool, the allowance of that service will be removed immediately

The data allowance will reset on the same day each month

Partner Wholesale Networks has a reputation for nurturing long-term relationships with our wholesale telco partners, JV Partners and Dealer/Agents. Since launching in 2007, PWN has helped countless telecommunications based businesses grow their businesses through simple product choices designed from the ground up to suit retail business customers.  These lasting partnerships mean that PWN truly understands the issues faced by telecommunications sales and marketing teams and have generated deep-rooted trust, allowing them to test new ideas, technologies and approaches. Whether you are a new telecommunications startup or an established organisation Partner Wholesale Networks can help your business grow through an industry leading product suite and second-to-none business support system.

For more information contact Graeme Kelly on 1800 701 138 or fill in our Expression of Interest form

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