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May 18, 2021

Go Data joins the Partner Wholesale Networks network.

Go Data joins the Partner Wholesale Networks network.

With 15 years experience with Telstra & Optus Business centres, Go Data directors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their business customers. As a new business with their own telecommunications brand it was important to them, they had access to a full product suite from tier 1 providers and a strong locally based customer service team. They are specialists in providing digital and communication solutions to SME customers.

A partnership with Partner Wholesale Networks allows us to manage complex vendor relationships and make it simple for Go Data to focus on providing customers with the business telecommunications solutions they need. PWN provides greater freedom and a broad wholesale telco product and network selection. Go Data was particularly attracted to being able to access Enterprise NBN and Wireless point to point data products, and Telstra 4G wholesale mobile products.

This partnership will allow Go Data to take their customers through a complete digital and telecommunications transformation, or just supply a single product. PWN understands the needs of telco businesses, as we started as one ourselves.

Partner Wholesale Networks has a reputation for nurturing long-term relationships with our wholesale telco partners, JV Partners and Dealer/Agents. Since launching in 2007, PWN has helped countless telecommunications based businesses grow their businesses through simple product choices designed from the ground up to suit retail business customers.  These lasting partnerships mean that PWN truly understands the issues faced by telecommunications sales and marketing teams and have generated deep-rooted trust, allowing them to test new ideas, technologies and approaches. Whether you are a new telecommunications startup or an established organisation Partner Wholesale Networks can help your business grow through an industry leading product suite and second-to-none business support system.

For more information contact Graeme Kelly on 1800 701 138 or fill in our Expression of Interest form.

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