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November 19, 2020

5G vs NBN: How does 5G compare?

5G vs NBN: How does 5G compare?

As a wholesale telco service provider, Partner Wholesale has been keenly following the rollout of 5G Mobile and Internet services across Australia, particularly how it compares to NBN and other internet service solutions.  Will this next-generation connectivity solution replace the NBN as the go-to broadband solution for Australian business?

Although the rollout of 5G is in its infancy in Australia, the new network has been showing exceptionally promising benchmarks and is anticipated to offer gigabite speeds to customers.  Despite offering top speeds of up to 100Mbps, the NBN not he other hand has been plagued with controversy including delayed rollouts, patchy performance and complicated retail service packages.

5G vs NBN: The important points

  • 5G is the newest generation of mobile technology offering superior reliability, negligible latency and higher speeds for mobile phones, tablets, home and business internet solutions and more.  It has been designed with an extended capacity to enable new deployment models and deliver new services.
  • 5G will impact every industry, making safer transportation, remote healthcare, precision agriculture, digitized logistics.
  • Optus, Telstra and Vodafone have launched their 5G networks in limited areas across Australia and are currently working to quickly expand their 5G networks.  
  • Partner Wholesale Networks has 5G Internet and Mobile plans suitable for business customers.
  • 5G offers faster maximum speed than the NBN but as the network is still in early stages of rollout, coverage is extremely limited in comparison.
  • 5G might be a great solution for some business customers, but it is unlikely to replace other broadband options completely.
  • NBN rollout is due to be completed nationally by 2021, in comparison the rollout of 5G services has only just begun in Australia with access available mainly in major cities currently.

Pros and Cons of 5G

The fastest NBN speeds available to most Australians is 100Mbps, while under ideal conditions 5G could reach up to 20Gbps – 200 times faster. Aside from speed, 5G offers

While 5G is undoubtedly faster than 4G, it’s unlikely to be as widely available as the 4G services operated by Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone. Around 99% of Australians can access some form of 4G coverage, but 5G isn’t expected to be nearly as expansive — another reason why the NBN is likely to remain the leading broadband option for businesses in Australia.

What does 5G stand for anyway?

5G stands for fifth generation of mobile network technology.  The previous generations of mobile networks are 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G.

First generation - 1G
1980s: 1G delivered mobile analog voice.

Second generation - 2G
Early 1990s: 2G introduced digital voice (e.g. CDMA- Code Division Multiple Access).

Third generation - 3G
Early 2000s: 3G brought mobile data (e.g. CDMA2000).

Fourth generation - 4G LTE
2010s: 4G LTE was the beginning of mobile broadband as we currently know it.

As mobile technology has advanced, new products and services have been enabled at each stage. 5G is no different.  With high speeds, superior reliability and negligible latency, 5G will bring huge opportunity for new mobile products and services.

What economic impact will the roll out of 5G have?

As the global roll out of 5G continues, it is understood that increases to speed and improvements to latency and ability to launch new products and services will unlock a broad range of opportunities for business around the world, including the optimisation of service delivery, decision-making, and end-user experience.

In one landmark study, this  has been estimated to result in $13.2 trillion in global economic value by 2035, generating 22.3 million jobs in the 5G global value chain alone.

• $13.2 Trillion dollars of global economic output
• 22.3 Million new jobs created
• $2.1 Trillion dollars in GDP growth

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