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August 31, 2021

Welcoming ICT Business to Partner

Welcoming ICT Business to Partner

It's been a busy few months of signups with a number of new Wholesale, JV Partners and Agent/Dealers coming onboard with Partner Wholesale Networks. We're thrilled to announce Melbourne based ICT Business Central to the group. Customer satisfaction is priority number one at ICT Business Central, so partnering with Partner Wholesale Network made perfect sense. ICT chose Partner Wholesale Networks as it wanted to expand its product offering to include data links and unified communications. Support and delivery was another big consideration. With a wholistic business support system, including provisioning of services, training and accreditation, financial services and debt recovery, carrier management, customer care or compliance and a fully Australian based customer support team our personalised, seamless experience helps keep the end customer happy and our partner's business thriving, the decision was simple.

Over the past 14 years PWN has launched over 200+ telcos. All of whom have benefited from our industry expertise and marketplace knowledge. With a single point of contact, backed by an Australian based customer service team & an industry-leading business support platform and direct relationships with our suppliers, PWN can offer true wholesale rates across Mobile, Voice, Data, Cloud Communication, Unified Communication, Internet of Things (IoT) and even hardware.

We look forward to seeing ICT Business thrive, and on behalf of the PWN team, we welcome them to the team! If you are interested in launching your telco brand or want to offer your customers telecommunication products and services alongside your current business offerings, please contact Graeme Kelly on 1800 701 138 or visit www.partnerwholesale.com.au for more information.

ICT Business Central

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