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October 21, 2021

Providing the Telstra Wholesale Mobile Network coverage your customers need with Partner Wholesale

Providing the Telstra Wholesale Mobile Network coverage your customers need with Partner Wholesale

When your customers are looking for a mobile solution for their business, often the first concern they have is “If I switch providers will I still be able to get the coverage I need?”.  Since the COVID-19 pandemic more businesses have found their staff scattered across regional and the outer suburban fringes and having excellent mobile coverage outside of the major city CBD’s is imperative for their staff to be able to work without interruption.

If it’s outstanding coverage your customers need, then Partner Wholesale Networks has you covered with access to Telstra Wholesale Mobile Network services.  With the widest coverage across Australia’s regional areas, and covering 98% of the population, the Telstra network is undeniably the largest mobile network in the country, with Telstra in the process of rolling out 780 new mobile sites as well as Adaptive network technology that coverage is soon to be even better.  For many rural customers, Telstra may be the only coverage option available to them – so it makes sense for service providers and telecommunications businesses to be able to provide Telstra Wholesale Mobile Network services to their customers.

For customers that are located outside of metro or urban areas, multi-site businesses or who have team members that live or work in the outer suburban fringes, the last 18 months has shown how important a flawless telecommunications solution is to keeping businesses running through whatever business conditions can throw at it.  It’s not unusual for us to find customers who have business locations in rural areas or factories in small towns that are having issues with getting full connectivity and the best out of their ICT solutions because they don’t have the connectivity they need due to their location.  Telstra Wholesale Mobile Network products offer the option to allow all your customer’s sites and staff to connect no matter where they are located.

Telstra coverage is also perfect for salespeople who are often on the move and are travelling through areas where coverage can be patchy.  From accessing sales portals to place orders or look up product data and staying in contact with customers and other team members, businesses need to be confident that their staff’s mobile coverage will be uninterrupted wherever they are.

What other reasons are there to partner with Partner Wholesale Networks?

Partner Wholesale Networks brings together a market leading suite of products, highly automated systems to work with and a comprehensive business support system. Our total business solution allows our partners to focus on customer acquisition via sales and marketing, without being bogged down by the day-to-day management and support.

Whether it be provisioning of services, training and accreditation, financial services and debt recovery, carrier management, customer care or compliance, PWN provide an end-to-end service, ensuring your entire business is fully supported at all times.

How do I get started?

Starting your own telco or changing providers is often a daunting process, to help make it simple Partner Wholesale Networks has a comprehensive step-by-step on-boarding process for partners in each of the three models.  For more information visit our website and make an Expression of Interest - https://www.partnerwholesale.com.au/become-a-partner/become-a-partner or contact Graeme Kelly on 1800 701 138

For more information about our Telstra Mobile product visit - https://www.partnerwholesale.com.au/products/telstra-3g-4g-mobile

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