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November 4, 2021

Partner Wholesale Networks, helping you provide Telstra Wholesale Mobile Network Solutions to your customers

Partner Wholesale Networks, helping you provide Telstra Wholesale Mobile Network Solutions to your customers

One of the things we hear from potential partners is that they’re customers are asking for Telstra Wholesale Mobile Network mobile services, but they are having trouble accessing these products from their current wholesale arrangements.  They’re concerned that the process of getting started with a new wholesale telecommunications partner might complicated or have onerous expectations.

If you have these concerns, don’t be worried – we can help.  Partner Wholesale Networks has created a simple three tier partner model to get telecommunications retail businesses selling Telstra mobile products faster and give you access to our full product suite from Tier 1 providers.

Offering Telstra Wholesale Mobile Network 3G & 4G Mobile products can set your retail ICT or Telecommunications business apart from your competitors with business customers often preferring Telstra to other providers because of their reputation for the highest level of coverage across all areas of Australia and having a focus on business grade solutions.

Partnering with Partner Wholesale Networks can ensure your business has access to the widest range of mobile products and service from Tier 1 providers such as Telstra Wholesale Mobile Network, coupled with some of the most proactive customer service and provisioning in the industry.

Why partner with us to offer Telstra Wholesale Mobile Network solutions?

1)     Leverage our strong relationships with Tier 1 providers

Since launching in 2007 Partner Wholesale Networks has solidified its place as Australia’s most innovative Virtual Network Operator (V.N.O.). PWN has launched over 200+ telcos and sales agents. All of whom have benefited from our industry expertise and marketplace knowledge. We are the trusted company within the industry to get you fast tracked and selling products and services to your customers. You will benefit from our significant total volume wholesale spend with all the Australian carriers and vendors, ensuring that you are buying at the most competitive wholesale pricing.

2)     Dedicated customer service & provisioning

Not only does partnering with PWN allow you to access a wide range of telecommunications products and services, our total business solution allows our partners to focus on customer acquisition via sales and marketing, without being bogged down by the day to day mangagement and support.  Whether it be provisioning of services, training and accreditation, financial services and debt recovery, carrier management, customer care or compliance, our end-to-end service, ensures your entire business is fully supported at all times.

3)     Access to complimentary products

As a Partner Wholesale Networks partner you have access to a full range of telecommunications products from Tier 1 carriers, we can assist you in providing your customers hardware from leading providers, including Yealink, Cisco, Jabra HP, and Microsoft. This allows you to create a robust solution for your customer and being able to do so with the simplicity of only working through one distributor.

4)     Bespoke service

Some of our partners like doing things on their own, while others need (and want) a lot of support when selling Telstra Mobile products. Whatever the level of assistance you need, we’re always happy to have a chat or jump in and assist whenever you need it.

If selling Telstra Wholesale Mobile Network services was something you were looking to do, we encourage you to fill in our Expression of Interest form (https://www.partnerwholesale.com.au/become-a-partner/become-a-partner) on our website   If you’re unsure of how to get started, reach out to Graeme Kelly on 1800 701 138.  End the year with a new revenue stream!

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