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May 5, 2022

Big Purple Phone brings something new to the industry

Big Purple Phone brings something new to the industry

James and Libby Henderson started BigPurplePhoneso that they could easily video chat Libby's elderly parents when they were separated for many months during the Covid pandemic. They set out to design a phone that would be suitable for the needs of the elderly, particularly those with Dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

The BigPurplePhone is designed especially for seniors. It’s a big phone with big buttons, high contrast and a simple design, making it easy for our elderly loved ones to operate. It is also the only smartphone that comes with an emergency SOS call button, so help is always in reach. The BigPurplePhone is also a closed network, which means that scammers or unwanted callers cannot call the phone - only trusted contacts which have been added by family and friends can.

BigPurplePhone launched in April 2022 and contacted Partner Wholesale Networks to provide Telstra connectivity for their customers. With similar values to Partner Wholesale Networks and a desire to maintain a local support network for their staff and customers.

With Partner Wholesale Networks as your business partner or wholesale telco supplier, you can access all Tier 1 networks and telecommunications products from one place. You get a single point of contact, backed by a world-class customer service & business support platform. Partner Wholesale Networks is committed to knowing your customers and meeting their telecommunication needs with our onshore Australian based team. We a personalised, seamless experience that keeps your customers satisfied.

The Partner Wholesale Networks team is excited to welcome BigPurplePhoneand we look forward to working together over the coming years to grow their business to help a range of families and elderly people stay connected to their loved ones, with a mobile phone service designed for their needs.

Got a new telecommunications product or want to service a niche market? Please get in contact with the Partner Wholesale Networks team.

Visit their website to find out more about BigPurplePhone


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