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Partner Wholesale Networks can supply your hard-to-reach clients with the Wireless Broadband solutions they need

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Wholesale Wireless allows your customers to access lightening fast internet when other options aren't available or suitable. Partner Wholesale has access to some Australia’s fastest growing independent, fixed wireless networks with a competitive price structure.

Partner Wholesale Networks can provide your customers with a high-speed alternative to conventional fixed-line internet. While traditional internet services are delivered to your home through cables, which can be difficult or expensive to access in some business situations or be old and worn out offering a poor solution, our wireless technology bypasses these ageing networks and allowing you customers access to the data speeds they need.

PWN 5G Internet and Mobile provides faster speeds
Business Grade Wireless Internet

Our business grade fixed wireless network for hard to reach locations.Our Melbourne Fixed Wireless network covers more than  4,500km2. On of Australia’s largest, fastest, independent Fixed Wireless networks. Super-low congestion. Cutting-edge technology.

PWN Wholesale 5G Internet and Voice provides better bandwidth and capacity
Guaranteed Speed & SLAs you can rely on

Speeds from 10Mbps to 10Gbps. Having fast internet is one thing, but having reliable and fast internet is most important to business continuity. Our local customer service and guaranteed business SLAs will give you the confidence to recommend to end-users.

PWN Wholesale 5G Internet and Voice provides better bandwidth and capacity
Flexible options to suit your customer requirements

Accelerate your business with Asymmetrical and Symmetrical Fixed Wireless speeds. Flexibility to meet your business requirements. Bundle with our Business nbn™ or Fibre products for a backup service your customers can be confident in.

What speeds can you expect?

Experience current average download speeds of 214Mbps on our 5G Internet

Common Questions about Wireless Internet

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