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Telstra Fibre

Telstra Fibre Access (TFA) is a best-in-class internet solution for business customers:

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Telstra Fibre Access is a complete, ready-built solution that makes it simple to provide business grade internet straight to your end-users, with
no network required.

Telstra Fibre Access Diagram

Telstra Fibre Access (TFA) is a best-in-class internet solution for business customers:A complete, ready-built solution which delivers internet to standalone locations, on a site-by-site basis within Telstra’s fibre Network Coverage Area, offering the best geographic coverage available from a single provider via the industry-leading Telstra Wholesale fibre network, covering 27,000+ multi-tenanted business sites within Australia, all ready to be deployed immediately.

Multiple bandwidth options available for the Standard option, ranging from 20 Mbps 1000 Mbps.Service level agreement options with increased management & responsiveness to fault resolution to give peace of mind for business customers above & beyond support for traditional home users.A unique online self-service portal allowing your team to login to our platform with a secure, single sign-on. Telstra Fibre Access is a standalone offering that connects your end-users straight to the Telstra network and internet (no head-ends or backhaul needed). Examples of typical TFA end-users include:

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    Retail stores
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    Finance agencies
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    Service companies
Telstra Fibre has two classes of service to cater to your customers’ needs:

Standard: Provides symmetrical, contended access (20:1), bundled with internet, provided over Telstra fibre infrastructure.
Premium: Provides symmetrical, uncontended access, bundled with internet provided over Telstra fibre infrastructure.

Telstra Fibre Access Diagram
 Contended vs. uncontended

 While both Standard and Premium are provided over fibre connections, the main difference between the two is that Premium is uncontended, meaning you will have access to the entire upload/download speeds for your connection, while Standard is contended, meaning you may share the available bandwidth with other customers at the same exchange. In our Standard offering, there is 1:1 access between the customer device and the network, but a 20:1 contention at the core where the traffic comes together. You will experience up to 80% (and above) of your line speed at more times of the day.

 Software-defined networking in a wide area network

 For Wholesale customers providing SD-WAN to end user businesses, Telstra Fibre offers a simple and reliable solution for providing point to point internetconnectivity over which value-added services can be delivered.

Using SD-WAN you can maximise the performance of your end-user’s internet operations by effectively utilizing the existing bandwidth, to make for a more efficient andsecure network - this means your end-users can prioritise the applications that are most important to them.

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