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Talkdesk - Cloud Contact Centre helps businesses deliver modern customer service their way.

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With Talkdesk - Cloud Contact Centre businesses can access a full contact centre solution including; customer self-service, omnichannel engagement, workforce engagement, employee collaboration, and customer experience analytics.

The Talkdesk Cloud Contact Centre platform includes AI apps that automate customer self-service, empower agents, mitigate fraud, and operationalise AI. We’re putting powerful technology into the everyday tools that make customer service the best it can be.

Talkdesk Cloud Contact Centre Interface
SMS Personalisation
Increase customer self-service with AI-powered channels.

Customer self-service increases customer satisfaction and relieves your support team of repetitive questions. Make it easy for customers to find answers to their queries quickly and at any time of the day. Provide a superior self-service experience using conversational AI across multiple channels including virtual agent assistance voice and digital. Get all the tools you need to deliver an engaging digital customer experience.

Bulk SMS
Provide 24/7 customer service with Virtual Agent.

Avoid missed chats or abandoned calls with Talkdesk Virtual Agent™, powered by conversational AI. Using techniques like Natural Language Understanding (NLU), customers will experience a two-way natural dialogue on voice and digital chat channels, with multiple language support, giving them instant answers to their questions.

Two Way SMS
Create effective call flows for great self-service experiences.

Talkdesk Studio™ provides a clear view of the customer journey and allows non-technical stakeholders to create intelligent, context-driven IVR flows that deliver a frictionless self-service customer experience, including triggers to route to a live agent.

Email to SMS
Meet your customers where they are

Talkdesk Digital Engagement is an all-in-one digital customer engagement solution that includes email, SMS, live chat, and more allowing you to meet customers where they are and on their preferred digital channel.

SMS Personalisation
Provide smart and effective customer journeys.

Ditch the complexity of creating interaction flows.Talkdesk Studio provides a clear visual display of the customer journey, all while enabling non-technical staff to create intelligent, context-driven orchestration flows that deliver a frictionless customer experience.

Two Way SMS
Engage with customers proactively

With Talkdesk Proactive Outbound Engagement™, proactively connect with current and prospective customers, tripling or quadrupling connect rates over manual dialing. Use Talkdesk Proactive Notifications™ to automatically send personalised, relevant, and timely notifications via phone or SMS in a fully agentless mode.

Cost Effective
Engage your workforce

Elevate your workforce engagement strategy with a seamlessly integrated user experience for training, managing, coaching, and empowering your agents. Save valuable time and effort for supervisors, quality analysts, and resource planners.

User your own number
Next generation workforce management

Simplify and automate the process of forecasting, staffing, and scheduling, so that your supervisors and resource planners can spend less time struggling with technology, and more time getting results.

Customisable Templates
Powerful, flexible forecasting

Anticipate customer demand and plan more effectively with accurate, omnichannel forecasts based on historical and real-time data. Manually edit forecasts and make intraday adjustments on the fly.

Simplify collaboration with an integrated call centre solution

Bring tools and people together to deliver better customer experiences. Talkdesk integrates your contact center, phone system, and collaboration tools for seamless communication between departments, teams, and employees. Connect team members across all departments of the organisation. Facilitate successful team collaboration to solve complex problems faster and resolve issues on the first contact.

Turn real-time analytics into great customer service.

Use customised dashboards to compare your performance against SLAs and key metrics, in real-time. Easily identify coaching opportunities and drive improvements in customer satisfaction. Make data visualisation easier with a powerful business intelligence and reporting tool. Apply flexible filtering, scheduling, and customisation options for a 360-degree view of your contact center performance.

API Gateway
Intelligent insights for everyone.

Improve customer journeys and agent performance by leveraging AI-powered topic analysis and IVR optimization recommendations, for a 360º view of every interaction.

Optimise your most critical customer service processes with our enterprise cloud contact center platform.

Talkdesk CX Cloud™ is a contact center platform that helps enterprises deliver modern customer service. Applications are native on our open platform with a shared set of services including a common data model, reporting, dashboards, workflows, AI & automations for faster time-to-value and reduced TCO.
Talkdesk CX Cloud Capabilities Diagram

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