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SMS Gateway is a messaging gateway providing one solution for all SMS requirements. The powerful portal enables users to send and receive messages with powerful reporting.

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SMS Gateway is a simple platform that allows your customers to send and receive SMS. The SMS Gateway platform offers a comprehensive solution that helps businesses create engaging SMS marketing campaigns and provide personalised service updates and reminders to every mobile phone.

With Partner Wholesale Networks & SMS Gateway you can provide a solution for your customers to set alerts or notifications or provide alerts and notifications service to their end users. Text messaging helps businesses, government services, healthcare organisations and transport and logistics providers all around the world communicate with their workers, clients, and other stakeholders. With the SMS Gateway platform your clients can accelerate their performance and enhance communication with a simple pricing model.

Automated Replies
Automated replies

Automated replies can be used to send confirmation messages to customers after they have made a purchase, booked an appointment, signed up for a service. They can also be used to remind customers of appointments or for marketing initiatives. These messages can reassure customers that their transaction has been completed successfully, and provide them with any additional information they need.

Bulk SMS
Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is often used as a marketing tool, as it allows businesses to reach a large number of people quickly and efficiently. It is also used by government agencies and non-profit organisations to communicate important information. SMS Gateway offer features such as message scheduling, custom sender IDs, and delivery reports to help businesses track the success of their SMS campaigns.

Dedicated Numbers
Dedicated Numbers

Dedicated numbers are the virtual numbers of a business. These dedicated numbers are the best branding strategy for any type of business. A  dedicated number gives a business unique presence and identity in the market. A dedicated number along with effective marketing can create a valuable goodwill for a business.

Email to SMS
Email to SMS

With Email2SMS functionality you can manage single as well as group communication via your email. With this feature you can send an email through any email client (such as Mail, Outlook or Gmail) to our platform and SMS Gateway will convert it into SMS and send it to customer / group of contacts. Email2SMS also allows you to receive the SMS directly into your email inbox without logging into the web portal. Its efficient and time saving.

SMS Personalisation
SMS Personalisation

SMS is an easy and efficient way to communicate with customers at large. SMS personalisation provides a personal touch to a commercial communication between end user and your business. SMS personalisation allows you to stay connected with your customers with a personal message. With SMS personalizsation you can easily send your customers unique and dynamic messages.

Two Way SMS
Two way SMS

Two way SMS ensures you are connected to your end user in a time effective and efficient manner. SMS Gateway ensures that businesses  you are promptly updated about a customer reply and you can respond back to your end user personally or through automated response. With personalised responses  customers will feel more connected to your business and will stay engaged.

Cost Effective
Cost Effective

s a cost-effective work flow streamlining solution. By using this solution your business will cut additional cost on hiring a huge team of CSR in office instead the teams can work remotely and be present all the time. OZSMS brings you from SMS campaign management to bulk SMS sending facility all under one roof. OZSMS web portal is an easy to understand, and efficiently manageable platform with no limitations of experts or servers, as it can be accessed from anywhere by authorized users.

User your own number
Use your own number

After your existing number has been verified, you can start sending text messages through the SMS Gateway web portal using your own number. When text messages are received from your customers they will come from a recognisable number. To use simply enter your number in the "Sender and Recipients" field of the message and enter the recipient's number in the "Number and Contacts" field. You can then type your message and hit send.

Customisable Templates
Customisable Templates

Create message templates that you can reuse for future SMS campaigns, saving time and effort by allowing users to create messages in advance and easily select and send them when needed. Once message templates have been created, you can easily select it from your list of templates when you are creating a new SMS campaign. You can then customize any variables in the template, such as the recipient's name or other personalised information, before sending the message.


Get detailed reporting for all your SMS campaigns and get real time insights on the performance of your marketing strategies. With SMS Gateway you can track conversion rates, and CTAs to best assess the performance of your advertised product or event. Delivery reports can be useful for monitoring the success of an SMS campaign and identifying any issues with message delivery. It can also help to ensure that messages are being sent to the correct recipients and that the content of the messages is appropriate.

Contact Management
Contact Management

Contact management in an SMS web portal typically involves the ability to manage and organize your contacts for sending SMS messages. This may include features such as creating and managing contact lists, importing and exporting contacts from different sources, and adding or removing individual contacts as needed.
feature that can help you stay organized and more effectively reach your target audience with your messaging campaigns.

API Gateway
API Gateway

The API gateway is the securest form of information tunnel where the sms being sent from the dedicated or shared number and response being received against it are well secure. The API gateway is reliable, speedy and easy to integrate. All the settings managed through their SMS Gateway portal will also apply on API for messages.

The easiest way to send engaging messages to your customers

The SMS command center is the control room of your sms campaign. The SMS Gateway platform ensures that your sms campaigns are well managed and easy to execute.

SMS Gateway integrates seamlessly with a range of business-critical apps and services, such as Woo Commerce, Salesforce, Hubspot, Magento, Shopify, MS Dynamics, and many more.

Bullhorn CRM
Microsoft Dynamics 365
Sugar CRM
Suite CRM
vtiger CRM

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