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L2 Access Port - Fixed Wireless (5G) providing high quality Internet (with static IP Address) and true Layer 2/Layer 3 private network solution backed with a strong SLA.

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Bringing together a high- speed LTE network, unlimited data plan, business-grade devices and PWN innovation to deliver a Fixed Wireless access services in a fraction of the time it can take to roll out a wired connection.

L2 Access Port - FW(5G) is the ideal solution for rapid deployment, hard-to-reach locations, and network diversity/backup when paired with other PWN access services to customer sites. L2 Access Port Fixed Wireless 5G is provided using TPG access infrastructure where available.

Reach more than 98.8% of the Australian population

Delivered using LTE 5G network

Enables access to high-performance Internet, including at sites where there is no existing fixed line infrastructure.
Give your customers fast 4G & 5G data connections

Unlimited data and symmetrical speeds of up to 250Mbps

Enables access to high-performance Internet, including at sites where there is no existing fixed line infrastructure.
Better in-building signal

Flexible plans including month- to-month options

Flexibility to add, remove or relocate connections to match the changing needs of your business.
Single and Dual Network SIMS available

Advanced features for Internet and Private Networking applications

Full ArchiTech support for Internet (with Fixed IP) ePN (VPLS) and iPN (MPLS). Support for network applications and services provided on wireline access solutions.
Design your own plans

Rapid installation - up & running within 7 business days

Minimizes lost productivity when rolling out new branches, pop-up stores or temporary sites. Professional installation by a technical to create and optimal user experience.
Our support includes local account management teams

Avoid extended periods of down time

With L2 Access Port - FW (5G) you can roll out new sites and locations faster than ever.
Purchase SIM cards online and get them delivered fast!

Improved wireless connectivity

Improved wireless connectivity to fixed locations with 99.5% uptime target and next business day service restoration.
PWN manage the network, legal, regulatory, customer service, reporting, and back-end systems.

Relocate the service as requirements change

Ability to relocate the service as sites and requirements change.

As easy as 1, 2 & 3.
Three simple steps to get businesses up and running!

Getting started with Teams calling is simple
  • Step 1 - Service Qualification
    Step 1
    Service Qualification
    Check with our team if a site is serviceable and in our 5G coverage areas to ensure users receive a great experience.
  • Step 2 - Installation
    Step 2
    A carrier technician will install a fixed wireless antenna at the location so businesses get the right set-up for the specific needs of their site.
  • Step 3 - Ready to go!
    Step 3
    Ready to go!
    Business sites will get access to 5G with data speeds of up 250Mbps.

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