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Fort. Cloud Firewall is built to help businesses protect themselves from targeted cyber attacks & zero day threats

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Defend your business, IP, customer & staff personal data as well as financial information from targeted attacks using Physical and Virtual Firewalls.

Fort. Cloud Security solutions are based on the Fortinet advanced security architecture which allows a full range of security features including; Security Device and End Point Management with comprehensive reporting. Help your customers protect their business with a fully integrated Next Generation Cloud Firewall.

The Fort. Cloud Security solution is installed on all devices that are using the company network including mobiles, tablets and laptops. Inspect all of your network traffic, regardless of user location - including hard to inspect SSL traffic.

Gain Visibility and Control of your network security

Gain visibility & control of your network

Fort. Cloud Firewall boasts one of the largest applications database to safeguard your organisation from risky application and allows you visibility and control of applications running in your network
Intrusion Protection

Intrusion Protection

Fort. Intrusion Prevention stops unwanted attempts to access your network that target vulnerabilities and configuration gaps.
Protect your business from Malware threats

Protect your business from malware & viruses

Advanced Threats detection and prevention stops malicious files and payloads moving into your network with FortiGuard’s leading advanced malware, antivirus, and sandboxing capabilities.
Cloud Firewall Network Security

Protect your business from new and persistent security  threats with Fort. Cloud Security...

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    Account Takeover - Attackers pose as a genuine customers to gain entry to an account and then reuse the credentials to commit further fraud.
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    Bill Fraud - This is where Cyber Criminals insert alternative payment details to divert payments away from the legitimate account.
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    Brute Force Attacks - Attackers use bots to attempt millions of log ins until the correct one is found, and then use these details to gain entry to account and personal information that can be used in other attacks.
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    DDoS Attack - Is where the attackers seek to make a website, machine or network inaccessible to the business users by flooding networks with traffic from multiple sites that will render it inoperable or cause it to crash.
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    IOT Threats - Criminals exploit vulnerabilities in connected IOT devices with malware to gain access to the device or network so they can steal IP or monitor usage for malicious purposes.
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    Network Sniffing - Attackers place a sniffer on a network that allows them to monitor a device or hardware that is plugged into the network and track passwords and passcodes.
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    Macro Viruses - Are viruses that are often spread through phishing emails containing attachments. Once executed the Malware jumps to other documents and is then spread again whenever an innocent user opens what would normally be a legitimate document.
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    Phishing - What looks to be a legitimate message compels you to open a malicious attachment or link that leads you to web pages impersonating genuine sites.
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    Ransomware - Criminals attempt to install malware on to your network devices. Once installed it prompts a pop up directing the user to a website advising them that their files are encrypted and can only be unlocked if a ransom is paid.
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    Spyware - Once installed on your devices, spyware will track and capture web activity, capture bank log in details and can be used to steal your identity.
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    Zero Day Exploit - Criminals use sophisticated software to access your devices using a flaw or vulnerability in legitimate software to access your data and steal it. Once identified these flaws are usually patched fairly quickly so the term Zero refers to the same day window in which the flaw can be exploited.

AI Enriched Network Firewalls built for business

End Point Security

Endpoint Security

Delivers protection, compliance, and secure access in a single, modular lightweight client. A Fabric Agent is a bit of endpoint software that runs on an endpoint, such as a laptop or mobile device, that communicates with the Fort. Security Fabric to provide information, visibility, and control to that device.

  • Report to the Security Fabric on the status of a device, including applications running and firmware version.
  • Enable the device to connect securely to the Security Fabric over either VPN (SSL or IPsec) or ZTNA tunnels, both encrypted. Send any suspicious files to a Fabric Sandbox.
  • Enforce application control, USB control, URL filtering, and firmware upgrade policies.
  • Apply CASB controls to users accessing cloud-based applications.
  • Provide malware protection and application firewall service.
End Point Management Server (EMS)

End Point Management Server (EMS)

Fort. Endpoint Management Server (EMS) is the Fort. Cloud Security central management console. The FortiClient EMS provides a central management console for FortiClients.

  • Configure, deploy and manage Fort. Cloud Security
  • Endpoint integration with the Security Fabric
  • Vulnerability scanning with patching
  • Software Inventory
  • Threat summary, alert and notification
Device Management

Device Management

Provides centralised management of the Fort. Security Fabric resulting in complete visibility and protection against security threats.

  • Increased operational efficiency with visibility and orchestration across the Fortinet Security Fabric via a single console
  • Accelerated zero-touch provisioning with best-practice templates and device blueprints for deployment at scale of SD-WAN and SD-Branch
  • Streamlined workflows between Fortinet Security Fabric and enterprise workflows supporting integrations with 480+ ecosystem partners

Fort. Analyzer

Fort. security management and analytics provides powerful and simplified network orchestration, automation, and response for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. Fortinet security management and analytics technologies have been tested for more than a decade and is deployed by thousands of customers around the world across all major industry verticals.        

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