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With 4G/5G Layer 2 Connect your customers can now have a private Ethernet network connection over WiFi, mobile and NBN TC4 services.

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The PWN 4G/5G Layer 2 Connect solution can be used for a variety of deployments including fast-start/rapid turn-up, seamless back-up to primary services, and ad-hoc disaster recovery for fixed line WAN services..

4G/5G Layer 2 Connect is orderable as layer 2 (Ethernet Bridged) or a layer 3(IP routed) services. The solution supports multiple Mobile Carriers, NBN TC4 and Internetconnection (such as wifi and Mobile “Hotspots”) giving customers the flexibility to select the data service best suited to their needs.

4G/5G Layer 2 Connect is supplied with managed NTU with Mobile SIM, NBN NBES or WiFi client allowing simple and flexible deployments.

Reach more than 98.8% of the Australian population
The service provides secure links from customer premises using standard Mobile SIM NBN NBES and Wifi Hotspots.
Give your customers fast 4G & 5G data connections
Backup and rapid deployment for quick fast - start, back-up and DR situations.
Better in-building signal
Transparent Layer 2 Ethernet Bridged and Layer 3 IP routed options. Suitable for Primary and Secondary Point-to-Point connections.
Single and Dual Network SIMS available
Services support iAS(Internet), ePN (Layer 2 VPLS), iPN(Layer 3 MPLS) and L2i(Layer 2 Interconnect) terminations.
Design your own plans
Mobile Carrier agnostic to give ultimate coverage and flexibility to mix and match. Bundled Mobile SIM or BYO SIM options.
Our support includes local account management teams
Support for network protocols - IEEE 802.1q, VRRP, RIP, OSPF.
Purchase SIM cards online and get them delivered fast!
Customer Premises Equipment integration options with support for multiple protocols.
PWN manage the network, legal, regulatory, customer service, reporting, and back-end systems.
Highly Secure including Point to Point IPSEC and GRE packet encapsulation
PWN 4G/5G Layer 2 Connect Diagram
Typical Layer 2 Interconnect

L2i (Layer 2 interconnect solution) implemented as a standalone service which can either be used as a primary or as a standalone backup service.

The customer network is connected to the Accessport NTU and Ethernet traffic is encapsulated and transparenly transmitted to the L2i core interconnect. Traffic received on the L2i core interconnect is transparently transmitted to the customer NTU.

Typical Wire Line IP Back Up

Layer 3 backup implementation where the AccessPort NTU is connected to the customer CPE. In this situation the AccessPort is configured to operate with VRRP.

The wireline link is defined as the primary access and the AccessPort as the secondary path. The path selection is negotiated between the NTU and the AccessPort using layer 2 VRRP which allows transparent support of static and dynamic IP networking.

In the event of a fixed line failure the, NTU will signal to the NTU it has lost connectivity and the AccessPort will establish a secure 4G connection to the network core using point to point IPSEC and GRE packet encapsulation. The mobile service link is usually active within 60 seconds and will disconnect automatically when the primary link is re-established.

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