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November 16, 2023

PWN LEO Broadband

PWN LEO Broadband

Powered by OneWeb’s LEO satellite communications network, PWN can offer connectivity services designed specifically for regional Australia and even the most remote Australian enterprises and communities.

With OneWeb’s constellation of 650+ LEO satellites now fully built out, OneWeb is on the verge to complete its rollout of global coverage, and enables PWN to support the digital transformation of enterprises, communities, maritime, civil, and military government users, giving high-speed access to digital information, productivity tools, and cloud services. 

PWN is focused on delivering high-speed, low-latency data services to more rural and remote areas where connectivity is severely lacking. PWN has recognised the unique capabilities of a low Earth orbit satellite constellation can offer. PWN can bring increased connectivity to more businesses, enterprises and communities  in Australia and New Zealand via the LEO solution.

Access to broadband internet is an essential service that supports education, healthcare, commerce and agricultural businesses. There are numerous communities throughout Australia and New Zealand that do not have access to business grade broadband internet, with the challenge in many parts of Australia being particularly acute in areas 100% dependent on satellite connectivity services.  

In addition to serving the remote communities, PWN’s Enterprise LEO products, powered by OneWeb, are a game changer in commercial verticals, specifically Agriculture, Mining, Maritime and the Transportation industry. The ability to serve the Emergency service industry is also one of our key industries.

Now is a great opportunity to become a wholesale partner or reseller of PWN and become involved in the Space Race to provide LEO satellite broadband services.

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