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May 10, 2023

Partner Wholesale Hardware Hub Launches

Partner Wholesale Hardware Hub Launches

Partner Wholesale Networks is excited to announce the launch of the PWN Hardware Hub an online marketplace targeted to its Partner Ecosystem. Over the coming months PWN plans to expand its current list of products and suppliers to provide a full range of Hardware and Devices that complement their current product suite and meet the demands of end customers.

“We’re always testing new, innovative ideas to deliver the telecommunications products our partners want. Partner Wholesale Networks Hardware Hub provides us with an opportunity to simplify the procurement process for Hardware and SIM purchase and delivery,” said Rowan Ostyn - Partner Wholesale Networks Operations Manager. “As a wholesale telecommunications brand we are uniquely positioned to understand the challenges facing retail telecommunication businesses and managed service providers offering telco services to business customers, and we are looking forward to onboarding new products over the coming months".

You can now easily place your Hardware and SIM orders online and enjoy faster shipping and order tracking. In most cases, a standard SIM order (from receipt) will be dispatched and delivered to you within 2 working days.

Stay tuned as there will be some great Wholesale pricing opportunities coming up!

To start purchasing online - apply for an account or speak to your channel manager.

Partner Wholesale Networks Hardware Hub

Visit the Partner Wholesale Networks Hardware Hub

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