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June 19, 2022

Omnispace claims momentum for 5G via satellite

Omnispace claims momentum for 5G via satellite

Satellite operator Omnispace, has been making massive strides into their attempt to become the first provider to offer a non-terrestrial 5G network. They are integrating the global footprint of an NGSO satellite constellation with the mobile wireless networks of the world’s leading telecom companies into a seamless “one global network”.

Over the past few months Omnispace have announced the successful launch and delivery of “Omnispace Spark-2™ satellite into orbit. This marks the completion of the deployment phase of the “Omnispace Spark™ program, the initial phase in the company’s development and delivery of the world’s first 5G capable satellite networks as well as collaborations with technology partners including Microsoft.

Omnispace will collaborate with Microsoft to architect, develop and demonstrate an Azure-enabled 5G NTN network to enhance the performance and reach of mobile wireless networks.  The global hybrid network will integrate terrestrial and satellite networks into one seamless communications experience. It will leverage Azure Orbital, Microsoft’s Ground-Station-as-a-Service offering with Microsoft’s Azure Operator 5G Core to route voice and data traffic direct from mobile devices via an Omnispace proliferated low-earth orbit (LEO) constellation.

“Omnispace is committed to redefining the way the world thinks about mobile communications, and we believe it should be as seamless no matter where you are,” said Ram Viswanathan, president and CEO, Omnispace. “That’s why we are thrilled to collaborate with Microsoft on a solution that will make it possible for anyone requiring global real-time communications to connect to their devices directly from our 5G satellites.”

“Through our partnership, users of Omnispace’s 5G NTN will be able to access the power of the Microsoft Cloud anytime and anywhere even in remote environments enabling ubiquitous real-time communications,” said Steve Kitay, Director, Azure Space.

Omnispace plan to reinvent telecommunications to deliver greater reach, improved reliability, and enhanced quality of service for billions of users and devices worldwide. By integrating terrestrial and satellite networks into one seamless connected experience, servicing consumer, enterprise, government and IoT users worldwide. With Omnispace mobile devices can connect directly to the network and take advantage of global mobile communications.

Part of their mission has been to adopt 3GPP mobile industry standards to avoid the challenges of proprietary solutions. While connected, devices operate on a globally harmonized mid-band spectrum that is mobile-ready.

  • 5G everywhere - Reliable connectivity that is available everywhere on the planet.
  • Direct-to-device - Connecting directly and operating smoothly with billions of mobile devices.
  • 3GPP standards - Using mobile industry standards to ensure connections are simple and seamless.
  • NGSO satellites - Our satellite network delivers enhanced reliability, resiliency and global reach.

Omnispace Sales & Marketing VP Brian Pemberton told telecommunications publication CommsDay "The use of direct satellite to device connections to expand the reach of Australian mobile operators makes sense given the country’s large land mass and low population density and that’s why I think there is such interest and appeal of a satellite-based solution, where a single common infrastructure doesn’t serve just one country or one mobile operator, but can serve hundreds of both countries and mobile operators."

“So you’re distributing the cost — still probably in the billions of dollars to build and deploy — across 200 countries, 300 or 400 operators potentially, and billions of subscribers. Versus any country or any national solution by itself it would have to be subsidised by a government because it’s just not going to be cost effective to try to cover these landmasses."

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